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What to Consider Before You Buy Any Lab Distillation Equipment?

Distillation is very old and the most common process used for extraction. The simple distillation procedure followed in labs is known as differential distillation, and the process has been used since ancient times by many cultures when producing essential oils and alcoholic beverages. Water and steam distillation are two methods used for the distillation process. Molecular distillation is a process operated under vacuum pressure and this is a type of steam distillation process.

Essential oils are mainly obtained by steam or hydrodistillation process where the circulatory lab distillation equipments are used. Apart from this steam distillation process, essential oils can also distilled by liquid-liquid separation technique and there is not boiling point needed for this distillation process. Short-path distillation

Short-path distillation method involves the distillate to travel to a short distance of just a couple of centimetres, and the process is carried out under reduced vacuum pressure. The distillation process is also known as molecular distillation where the distillation carried out at very low vacuum pressure.

The distillate travels from one glass bulb to another, and you do not need to use two separate chambers for molecular distillation. The short path distillation kit is used to purify small amounts of compounds or for those compounds that are unstable at high temperatures. Because of the short distance travelled, there is a minimum loss of the compound on the sides of the apparatus.

Molecular distillation is used to separate, purify, and concentrate natural products that are made of complex molecules which are sensitive in nature. Some examples include polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins. The short path molecular distillation unit operates at vacuum as low as 0.001 mbar that allows the distillation of heat sensitive products at lower temperature.

In molecular distillation, the flow of molecules is visible because they do not form continuous gases. However, it is essential to maintain the short path between the hot surface and the cold surface. As the vapor created on the heated surface moves a very short distance, there is no pressure drop, and the process is possible under fine vacuum to as low as 0.001mbar.

The molecular distillation apparatus

The short path distillation unit comes with high-quality glassware and you can start the distillation process in the lab with these lab distillation equipments. The system device should perform excellently for high temperature or low-temperature reaction.

The idea is to improve the purity of materials effectively and get guaranteed results for scientific experiments and research. It should be made from the best quality borosilicate glass and carry all the essential components for the process of short-path distillation.

What are the benefits of short path distillation process?

There are some good reasons as to why Short-path distillation method is preferred in labs. Here are some features that make it popular:

• Lower boiling point by 100 to 150° due to greater vacuum
• Excellent for heat sensitive products
• A very low residence time of just a few seconds
• Essential distillation possible in a single pass
• Outstanding turndown competence

Short-path or molecular distillation equipment is used for the distillation of pharmaceuticals, Fatty acids, bulk drugs, esters, Epoxy resins, plasticizers, and stabilizers. It finds an application and usage for the distillation of fine chemicals, silicone oils, and refining of tube oil. It is also used for the purification of natural and synthetic waxes.

Prudent practices to follow in lab

If you are looking for excellent performance, you need to start with the highest quality products. Keep in mind that the distillation of combustible solvents is unsafe due to the heat and flammable vapours.

Prudent practices must be followed when using a distillation apparatus.

• Distillations should be attended at all times and carried out under inert atmosphere.

• As injuries to the hands are common in labs, it is essential to wear proper gloves when handling laboratory distillation kit.

• Laboratory heat guns are frequently used to heat the upper parts of distillation equipment and to dry glassware. One should keep those heat guns away from any flammable liquids and flammable vapours.

• Do not dry glassware until it has been rinsed thoroughly with distilled water so as to avoid an explosion. The presence of any volatile substances within the glassware can be potentially explosive.

When you start looking for the molecular distillation apparatus in the market, you will come across hundreds of dealers and suppliers. It can be tough to find the right equipment that fits your specific needs. And it is essential to use lab equipment of the highest quality as the research and testing results will rely on how good a piece of equipment is. The Short-path distillation kit should carry all the glassware & stands you need to get started with distilling in the lab.

What to look for in the supplier of molecular distillation unit?

Look for a molecular distillation unit manufacturer and supplier that carries decades of experience and has invested significant time and manpower to develop the experimental equipment. It should be in collaboration with several research institutions and network with pharmaceutical and biological science companies to know the current needs of the scientific community.

The equipment for the Short-path distillation should be recognised in the industry for its durability, stability, and safety. Apart from assessing the quality of the short path distillation glassware, check out the experience of the lab supplier and how long he has been in the business. You should be able to access the range of products online and get all the essential information about such short path distillation kits. If you need any help or information regarding the products and which distillation unit will best fit your application, the sales team should be readily available to answer all your queries. Ask them about not just the product, but about secure ordering, return policy, and money-back guarantee.

Read about the short path molecular distillation units before you purchase anything. The equipment should be easy to set up and guarantee the best results. As the molecular distillation units are designed for small quantities, the vapor temperature must be measured with accuracy and with improved thermometer sensitivity. Buy the right apparatus that is designed for more efficiency and meets your particular needs.

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