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All glass is made of borosilicate GG17

Use spherical grinding to keep a high vacuum

All interfaces use a spherical shape to ensure vacuum

From bio mass to cbd oil or crude to cbd oil we can provide turnkey

The controller box is imported and easy to operate,Digital display speed and temperature

The scraper is made of polyphenylene, and the wear resistance is six times that of ordinary PTFE



Barrel diameter(mm)6080100150200
Feeding rate(g/hr)250-500500-750750-15001500-30003500-5000
Feeding tank volume(L)11225
Effective evaporation area(m²)
Motor power(W)909090120200
Max speed(RPM)450450450450300
Distillate receiving flask1L1L2L3L5L
Residue receiving flask1L1L2L3L5L
Process flow(Kg/Hr)0.1-20.3-40.5-51-81.5-10
Option temperature-90C – 200C

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