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High heat transfer efficiency, fast evaporation speed and short material residence time.

Main parts are made from high borosilicate glass 3.3 and PTFE, which have excellent corrosion resistance and allows the whole process to be observed very clearly.
The main body of the evaporator is linked by an exclusively designed PTFE O-ring linear seal. No sealing media is required. The seal is secured with a horseshoe sealing clamp for easy installation and removal.
The whole equipment can be put in a removable frame, with small footprint.

Turnkey package which is plug-and-play, technical supports available.


Barrel diameter(mm)6080100150200
Feeding rate(g/hr)250-500500-750750-15001500-30003500-5000
Feeding tank volume(L)11225
Effective evaporation area(m²)
Motor power(W)909090120200
Max speed(RPM)450450450450300
Distillate receiving flask1L1L2L3L5L
Residue receiving flask1L1L2L3L5L
Process flow(Kg/Hr)0.1-20.3-40.5-51-81.5-10
Option temperature-90C – 200C
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