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The suction filter bottle made of GG17 high borosilicate glass material has excellent chemical and physical properties.

Glass buchner funnel, excellent physical and chemical properties.

Special PTFE material mixing plug design, perfect technology, high corrosion resistance performance and competitive price.

Lower material for glass ptfe valve flange mouth form a complete set of special design, container no dead Angle, removable easy solid material discharging.

The whole machine has perfect sealing performance, under the negative pressure can reach 0.095 MPa under stationary state.

The whole machine structure science, visual features prominent, innovative and practical..

The suction filter device, the suction filter device for glass, glass funnel bottom diameter, depth, and to make to order according to your actual requirements, can choose ¢200 * 200 mm or other different specifications.



NameStainless Steel vacuum filtration
GlassGG-17 High Borosilicate Glass
Filter Cup50L
Collect Flask20L
Filter Disk4mm(can put filter paper)
Vacuum MouthOD13mm/ID10mm
Discharge Valve Ground Clearance300mm
External Size600*600*1600mm
Frame PartSS304
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