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Nutsche filter reactor for CBD crystallization

 Nutsche filter reactor for CBD crystallization

   The material should be( extracted winterized and distilled )CBD oil. CBD distillate should be clear.
Dissolve the clear CBD oil in pentane. The boiling point of pentane is 36 ℃. Even at lower temperatures, pentane releases a lot of vapor. Be careful and take all appropriate precautions! Ensure that the vessel condenser cools to – 20℃. Turn on the stirring and turn on the heating bath and set it to 45 ℃. When the solution reaches ℃, all the oil dissolves.
   Set the bath to 5 ℃. Stir slowly. As the solution cools, it becomes more viscous. Adjust the agitator to keep the RPM above 120. CBD crystals will spontaneously form or “collapse” from Pentane Solution. Continue to reduce the temperature to at least – 10 ℃. The temperatures you use and their changes over time will change the crystal growth.
Once precipitation stops, the CBD crystals in the reactor are flushed or physically removed. The crystal / liquid slurry was vacuum filtered to remove the mother liquor from the CBD crystal. Rinse the crystal with ice cold pentane to wash the impurities on the crystal surface. Washing with pentane more times can improve the poor color, but it will reduce the total yield. In this step, keeping CBD and materials low temperature will help to improve production.
   CBD distillates with CBD content of 70 -75% can be crystallized to produce CBD isolates (crystals) with purity of 90 +% or higher.
   CBD distillates with a CBD content of less than 70% can be crystallized to produce CBD isolates with a purity of 85 +% or higher.

Turnkey Solution

* High and low temperature circulating system
* Diaphragm pump
* Chiller (Optional)

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