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New model 2021 Nutsche jacketed filter reactor


* According to the experimental requirements,The reaction in the kettle can be realized by circulating heating or refrigeration with medium in the jacket. It’s widely used in pharmaceutical and chemical industries, especially in drug synthesis, fine chemical industry, petrochemical process, new material synthesis, concentration, crystallization and other experiments.

* All contact parts are inert and hence allow the same equipment to be used with a wide range of chemicals and solvents . Appropriate filter is used to separate the solid particles of the slurry forming a filtered cake.The filtrate drains to the bottom and can be collected from the bottom outlet valve . The filter cake can be easily removed from the bottom to wash PTFE filter.

* Jacket glass straight to the bottom,Increase the filtration and heating area.

* The stainless steel flange supports the kettle body, which is convenient for quick disassembly.


Turnkey Solution

* Jacketed glass filter reactor ,from 250ml to 100l ,can be customized

*Heating and cooling circulator temperature controller device

*Water circulating vacuum pump or Diaphragm pump

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