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How to heat the reactor?

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What is needed to heat the double-layer glass reactor for reaction?
On this issue, customers call to ask from time to time, let’s explain to users:

The double-layer glass reactor itself cannot be heated, and the interlayer can be passed through different heat sources (hot water or hot oil) for cyclic heating reaction. Under constant temperature conditions, it can do the reflux and distillation of the reaction solution. It is a modern fine chemical factory and biological pharmacy. Ideal pilot and production equipment for synthesis of new materials. The heating reaction must be equipped with a high-temperature circulating oil bath. When the reaction temperature is within 100 degrees, it can be heated with tap water, and when the reaction temperature exceeds 100 degrees, use thermal oil or simethicone as the solvent. There is an outlet under the high-temperature circulating oil bath, which is connected to the cover of the double-layer glass reaction kettle with a high-temperature resistant pipe. There is a filling port, and it is enough. The temperature control of the high-temperature circulating oil bath under static conditions The accuracy is ±1 degree, the general temperature difference is plus or minus 2 degrees during the cycle. The oil bath tube is made of silicone rubber with an inner diameter of 10mm. The insulation tube can also be jacketed to prevent heat loss during the cycle. Pay special attention to the high temperature cycle. At this time, the circulating pump should be turned on first, and the temperature of the heat transfer solvent should be slowly heated while circulating.

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