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Established in early 2012, Qiyu Industrial Co.,ltd is an enterprise that combines development and manufacture of various custom made lab equipment. The main products include molecular distillation apparatus, rotary evaporator, solid phase synthesis reactor, glass reactor, etc.

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Chemistry Equipment Supplier

Short Path Distillation

Our equipment makes use of a short path distillation unit with an internally mounted condenser. It is customized differently to fit the needs of our customers. The device is mainly utilized for the purpose of purification of hemp essential oils.

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Rotary Evaporator

We customize our solution with two supportive components, an evaporator machine and a rotary distiller, besides the rotary system iteself. This design much enhances the stability and effciency of major laboratory processes like crystallization, concentration, drying, separation, solvent recovery and academic research.

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Synthesis Reactor

This device comes with a vaccum filter, a filter reactor and a polypeptide synthesis reactor. They are all made with high quality materials. For a more stable and effcient work result, we are constantly improving the product design and quality before shipping them.

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Thermostatic Devices

Qiyu offers customers optional thermostatic system solutions. Our equipment includes cryogenic coolant circulation pump, high and low temperature machine, high temperature circulating oil bath, and low temperature constant temperature reaction tank.

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Chemistry Equipment Manufacturer

Qiyu possesses the advanced production line and experienced engineers to cater for different lab applications.


Qiyu's lab equipment are produced under customized specifications, to be used for all kinds of laboratory testing purposes, programming automatic control instrument systems, scientific research equipment and others.


Since the establishment of the company, we have adhered to the business philosophy of “Science and Technology, Technology and Survival”. In recent years, the company has cooperated with many well-known pharmaceutical and biological science companies or research institutions at home and abroad, and is good at learning and introducing advanced industry experience.

Company Advantages

Lab Equipment Supplier

Well Experienced

All our personnel have a minimum of 3 years experience in the chemistry equipment industry.

24/7 Service

Our sales team will respond to enquiries all weekday. Each message will be replied within 24 hours.

Quality Ensured

Our company successively passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and our products have acquired CE certification.

What People are Saying


Jefferson Trueman

CEO at Trueman Tech

My partnership with Qiyu dates way back. I've always recommended their devices to my customers. Their machines work stably and the prices are very acceptable.

Tony Abbott


I'd like to say the cooperation with Qiyu is pleasant. Their people are very helpful. Due to the time differences, I hope they didn't lose too much sleep during the time before shipping. Their rotatary evaporators turn out to be working perfectly in our labs.


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