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Frequency control, AC induction motor, speed digital display constant, brushless, no spark, safe and stable;

All glass parts are made of high borosilicate 3.3, with good chemical and physical properties; big bottle mouth design, hand-in cleaning;

PTFE mechanical component sealing, it can get the best vacuum degree among the similar products in the market;

Overall stainless steel frame structure, compact and solid, stable and reliable without shaking when mixing;

The PTFE discharge valve without dead corner;

Computer controlled thermostatic oil bath, intelligent PID control, temperature control is accurate and convenient;

Distillation, reflux can be simultaneously;Explosion-proof series available.



Number of openings in kettle lid5
Material of frameSS304
Temperature measurement(℃)Teflon PT100 without fracture Accuracy ±0.1℃
Motor/Specific speed(W)90 / 1:3120/1:3200/1:3400/1:5
Constant pressure funnel(L)0.2512Customized
Condenser Standard configuration
Discharge valveTop type without dead angle
Sealing methodSelf lubricating mechanical seal
Vacuum degree(Mpa)Water pump 0.098
Explosion proof motorSelecting configuration
Explosion-proof frequency converterSelecting configuration
Electrothermal sleeve power(W)40050080010001500200050006000/
The range of temperature controlling(℃)Room temperature~299
Use of ambient temperature(℃)5-40
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