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 Modularized design for flexible options

Continuous feeding & collection modules design, saving labor cost and working time

Fully jacketed design, wide applications for different materials

SUS316L stainless steel, safe and reliable

Sight glass and quick connect design, easy to disassemble and clean

The unique design of the plate heating method can better heat and keep the materials and protect the materials from being oxidized.

Gear pump automatic feeding, stable speed, long service life, no air leakage
Maximum feeding amount: 10L / H


Barrel diameter(mm)6080100150200
Feeding rate(g/hr)250-500500-750750-15001500-30003500-5000
Feeding tank volume(L)11225
Effective evaporation area(m²)
Motor power(W)909090120200
Max speed(RPM)450450450450300
Distillate receiving flask1L1L2L3L5L
Residue receiving flask1L1L2L3L5L
Process flow(Kg/Hr)0.1-20.3-40.5-51-81.5-10
Option temperature-90C – 200C
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