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Extraction and separation of plant essential oils

Aug 30, 2021

Extraction and separation of plant essential oils    Essential oil, also known as volatile oil, is the general name of aromatic oil liquid in the plant body, and is widely used in medicine, nursing, daily food and other aspects. There are more than 300 kinds of aromatic and medicinal plants containing essential oils in China, […]

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Nutsche filter reactor for CBD crystallization

Aug 6, 2021

 Nutsche filter reactor for CBD crystallization    The material should be( extracted winterized and distilled )CBD oil. CBD distillate should be clear. Dissolve the clear CBD oil in pentane. The boiling point of pentane is 36 ℃. Even at lower temperatures, pentane releases a lot of vapor. Be careful and take all appropriate precautions! Ensure […]

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Wiped Film Distillation 2021 new model cannabis distillation

Jul 2, 2021

Our stainless steel distillation system is for hemp and cannabis distillate. It uses an advanced thin-film technique, by the difference of the average free path of the molecular motion of different substances to achieve separation. When the liquid mixture flows along the heating plate and is heated, light and heavy molecules will escape the liquid […]

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High vacuum glass reactor 2021 new model for distillation

Jun 10, 2021

High vacuum glass reactor * It is connected by ball milling flange, which has good sealing performance * kettle with stainless steel flange , easy and quick installation and disassembly * With vacuum pump, the vacuum can reach ≤5 pa * High vacuum reactor is used in many fields, such as biopharmaceutical, plant purification, decarboxylation […]

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New model 2021 Nutsche jacketed filter reactor

May 22, 2021

NUTSCHE JACKETED GLASS FILTER REACTOR * According to the experimental requirements,The reaction in the kettle can be realized by circulating heating or refrigeration with medium in the jacket. It’s widely used in pharmaceutical and chemical industries, especially in drug synthesis, fine chemical industry, petrochemical process, new material synthesis, concentration, crystallization and other experiments. * All […]

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