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Where can we buy hemp distillation equipment? Is there an excellent plant essential oil purification and distillation equipment supplier recommended?

Oct 12, 2021

As a plant, hemp has existed in the world in various forms for thousands of years. The application of hemp in China can be traced back to the Shennong era. Hemp can be used for production and life, hemp fiber can be used for weaving nets, making clothes, etc., can also be used for food […]

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Are you still looking for a single-layer glass reactor supplier? Don’t miss the most cost-effective single-layer glass reactor!

Oct 9, 2021

Are you looking for your favorite single-layer glass reactor? Are you still shopping around, comparing price, performance and quality? If you are still undecided and hesitant to choose the best single-layer glass reactor supplier, then I invite you to to see the best chemical equipment manufacturer and manufacturer in China Supplier-Qiyu Industrial (Shanghai)’s high-quality […]

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Do you know where you buy high-quality molecular distillation equipment?

Oct 6, 2021

The total area of the oceans on the earth is about 360 million square kilometers, accounting for about 71% of the earth’s surface area. From a macro map, we can also easily see that the blue sea occupies most of the entire earth. There will be a sentence in high school chemistry textbooks, the earth […]

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China’s best manufacturer and supplier of glass jacketed reactors, boosting fine chemicals to a higher level!

Oct 3, 2021

Modern fine chemical industry is a new field in the chemical industry, and it is also the most dynamic new thing. However, in the production process of modern fine chemicals, there are many unit reactions, the complexity of raw materials, the long process, and the strict requirements of the intermediate process. Due to the above […]

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Unbelievable, you are willing to miss such a high-quality short-range molecular distillation device?

Sep 29, 2021

Want to buy a short-range molecular distillation unit but don’t know where to start? Why not come to know Qiyu Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Short-range molecular distillation technology is currently the most special kind of liquid-liquid separation technology. The key to molecular distillation lies in the difference in the mean free path of different molecular […]

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