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Are you still looking for a solid phase synthesis reactor? We can’t go wrong with the production choice of peptide drugs!

Oct 25, 2021

Solid-phase synthesis refers to a chemical synthesis performed on a solid surface. In 1984 Merrifield synthesized the bradykinin that used to take a year to synthesize in only 8 days, which earned him the Nobel Prize. This major discovery is undoubtedly the advancement of human science and technology, and it is also the great benefit […]

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Simply understand what is short-range molecular distillation? Is there any recommended high-quality short-path distillation equipment?

Oct 22, 2021

Short path molecular distillation is a special liquid-liquid separation under vacuum. The short distance between vapor molecules, evaporation surface and condensation surface is less than 300mm, which can be called short path molecular distillation. It is transported from the feed tank to the jacketed main evaporation equipment. After continuous heating, the built-in film is scraped […]

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High-quality and inexpensive laboratory equipment, well-equipped factory direct sales, don’t miss it!

Oct 20, 2021

As we all know, performing some complex experiments in the laboratory will inevitably use some high-precision experimental equipment, such as molecular distillation units, glass reactors, rotating reactors, and so on. However, when choosing equipment, there are always various worries. The equipment is excellent but the budget is not enough to purchase, and the quality of […]

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High-quality heating device product Heating bath, to provide you with the most ideal heating application equipment!

Oct 18, 2021

In chemical experiments, in order to speed up the reaction, heating is often required, and our heating device will be your best helper. The high-quality heating device series product heating bath is designed by Qiyu Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. using a number of proprietary technologies. Its temperature control accuracy is high and can be widely […]

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High-quality Nuthche filters at wholesale prices, factory direct supply!

Oct 15, 2021

Today I would like to recommend Qiyu Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd’s high-quality Nuthche filters directly supplied by wholesale manufacturers. This is really a good thing to share! Come take a look! Nuthche filters¬†are very practical equipment in schools, factories, and pharmaceutical companies. They are widely used in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, fertilizers, food and beverages and other […]

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