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Our enterprises has been focusing on the design and manufacturing of chemistry equipment since 2012. We have rich experience in the area of laboratory equipment, programming automatic control instrument systems, scientific research equipment and other products.

  • Our personnel have deep experience in the industry.
  • Our factory is ISO9001 qualified, and our equipments have CE certification.
  • We have various patents for our products.
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Synthesis Reactor


The solid-phase synthesis kettle was mass-produced, and various functions such as vacuuming, speed-adjusting, and filtering substances were available.

Reaction Instrument


The company successfully designed and manufactured a large-scale scientific reaction instrument for PLC programming automation system.

Molecular Distillation


In early 2015, the company developed molecular distillation equipment for the purification of cannabis essential oils. And later this year, we independently developed and designed the sealed stirring device for which we have obtained national patents.

New Rotary Evaporator


Our new rotary evaporator has been mass produced. Compared with the old model, it looks more elegant and works more effciently. It features a three-layer serpentine condensing coil for superior results. The new rotary steaming uses electric lift for easier operation.

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