Professional Chemistry Equipment Supplier

  • Built-in vacuum controller, High vacuum performance
  • PTFE sealing
  • Autolly adjust the ascending or descending of rotary flask
  •  Digital display and control
  • Double layer cooling coils for improved condenser performance
  •  High quality borosilicate glass 3.3 with excellent physical and chemical properties
Rotary flask50L
Collection flask20L
Motor powerExplosion 370W
Heating power95KW
Condensation area2.7square
The average of power consumption7 degrees / hourly
Rotating speed0-120rpm/min
Range of temperature regulation(℃)Room temperature -99
The precision of temperature control±1℃
Temperature range of glass-80-250℃
The height of the rise and fall0-180mm
Voltage (V)220V/50Hz
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