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Built-in vacuum controller, High vacuum performance

Mechanical sealing

Autolly adjust the ascending or descending of rotary flask

Digital display and control

Double layer cooling coils for improved condenser performance

High quality borosilicate glass 3.3 with excellent physical and chemical properties





Model 2000A5000A
Main engineElectric shock button
Rotation speed(RPM)20-200r/min(Speed digital display)
Heating tankPTFE compound pan, full closed heater,1.4KW
Lifting methodFast automatic lifting,0-150mm
Temperature rangeRoom temperature-90℃
FeederValve type feeding tube casting with PTFE tube
Sealing deviceFluoro rubber vacuum sealing gasket
CondenserVertical, high temperature resistant high quality glass refining double reflux integrated standard port condenser pipe connection standard grinding collecting bottle
Power 1.5KW1.8KW

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